The Grape escape

This wine is a direct assault. glasses in the air!

Amongst the tradition of the best dark officers and the most twisted usual suspects is the The Grape Escape, a story of an almost perfect crime. It started with a detailed plan, to create envy in Arsène Lupin. The weapons used were touch, smell and knife tricks. In order to learn the ropes, the inevitable fatal woman became the corpus delicti, even more full-bodied and warm in the mouth, to remember another story. On “D” day, with the escape already well underway, the thief handed over the stolen fruit – the forbidden grape – the woman-ringleader. In the heat of the moment, she was betrayed and thus lost the taste of freedom. Deep down, there are no hard feelings and each month she receives a bottle which she drinks slowly with prison guard.
Winemaker: João Menezes
Artist: Mário Belém
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