In The Flesh

Warning! this wine will lead you straight to hell.

It’s still early days and all has been spilled. Severa is
a nun with no vocation for convent life, nevertheless she enjoys being held captive in a cell, and she is certainly in good company. Her life has a dark past – with rare chipped stained glass – and about the future … Well, nothing is impossible in the life of this novice who is neither Catholic nor Orthodox. Let’s just say her chastity is a badly kept secret and as for Mass… well, what she knows, is only what’s on the tip of her tongue. She enters the body and spirit in the story In the Flesh, but know that this nun, Severa, is a third of lust, a third of strong predilection of tinkling flavours and a third of shame, which belongs in hell.


Winemaker: João Menezes
Artist: Mário Belém
Datasheet: Download (PDF)


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