Hot Lips

“Honey, this Wine it’s not What you’re thinking.”

They whisper secrets just as much as they howl in pleasure. Sometimes they respond as subtle as a pulling knife.
Other times they are so greedy that they melt paving stones. Some days they heal and staunch wounds; some nights they are accomplices tearing the flesh of those who get too close. They both drink greedily in one gulp, just as they both gurgle drop by drop, in utter calmness. That’s the way Hot Lips work. They accuse us of being too madcap and fiery. That may be true for Sunday lovers and for those who drink more outwards than inwards. This story does not have a lock of hair tied to a damsel’s window; instead it has a whole escalation of events around a well-rounded body, blood, redness and tears asking for more.
Winemaker: João Menezes
Artist: Mário Belém
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