Vanessa Ferreira

To Vanessa Ferreira, wine is synonymous with romance, with an hedonistic aftertaste.

She is 32 years old, graduated in Marketing Management at IPAM – Institute of Management and Marketing. Special curiosity for the Digital Marketing and Social Networking area, with varied expecializations in the subject.

“Pôpa Art Projects is what clears the monotony: we explore ideas and bribe the conventional.

(…) It has been more than a will … it is a “monster” that dominates us, that takes us to a state of euphoric creation, hesitations that make us stop / think/ turn into viewers, of expression, monitoring reactions, and valuation (ourselves and others) … and extinguishes that hangover status as wine producers , when not understood / too categorized / necessarily punctuated / … it should be noted, nothing against that! In Pôpa Art Projects ethos also comes from the soul, but (because there is always a ‘but’) we have the possibility to be allegorical, detached, rambling. And the gratifying is that there is a commitment of the consumer to the art with a concept and the quality of the wine: all 99.9% understood, perceived; as the 1% that remains, lets say that is a margin of maneuver (smiles). “@netadopopa

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