Stéphane Ferreira

To Stéphane Ferreira either red or white wine goes very well with irreverence.

He is 37 years old, graduated in Business Administration and Marketing at IPAM – Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing. He specialized in Oenology at the Catholic University of Porto.

“At the time you taste Pôpa Art Projects you can have an outbreak of senses and (suddenly) we push the consumer of a brutal concept to a traditional winemaking (smiles).”

(…) This project gave us a lot, even before it was released: we waited two years for the right time to have the opinion of many tasters regarding the profiles of the wines and whether they fitted (as idealized in the concept) with the traits of each story. As for visual art, nobody can take from us the amazing moment ‘we receive` the work from each artist: the overcoming of the briefing, the being ecstatic, euphoric … The fantastic thing is that, this moment is replicated every time someone sees ‘the art’ for the first time. What we would think is unattainable, happens: the Pôpa Art Projects are 100% art, from its concept and content to its packaging and tasting experience. In each project we give our best – as if it were the last; and if it is not worthy to be or seem to be the last, is not worthy of having the signature Pôpa Art Projects. “@netodopopa

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