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Pôpa Art Projects is the B side of Netos do Pôpa (Pôpa’s Grandchildren)


Pôpa Art Projects is the B side of Netos do Pôpa (Pôpa’s Grandchildren), a space to experiment wine that explores unexpected combinations, challenges centennial preconceptions and breaks down paradigms – as well as a few bottles along the way – with its own approach to the world of art.

The art of Pôpa Art Projects is not a simple embellishment of wine features; it is also the soul that runs inside them. The art and wine found here are one and tell the same story.

After months and months of maturing different grape varieties as well as ideas, the union of all these elements gives rise to a “je ne sais quoi” alchemist that results in something we call the euphoria of creation, an enthusiasm that purifies, bottles and maintains, with equal doses of affection and anxiety, that leads onto the next stage: the euphoria of taste.

As there is no tied up art, the Pôpa Art Projects, present and future, are here to share good conversation without any restraint. In fact, our identity comes from the circular marks of two glasses that cross and pass each other, perceiving the world from another point of view.

The art of caring, making, keeping what is to be kept, of innovating what only makes sense to innovate, to expose and to share; all this is the art that is in the name Pôpa Art Projects. It is a means of creativity that will be passed onto other producers, wine-producing regions and food products.


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