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Netos do Pôpa (Pôpa’s Grandchildren)


Vanessa e Stéphane

According to Stéphane Ferreira wine, either red or white, goes very well with irreverence. According to Vanessa Ferreira, wine is the same as romance, only with final hedonistic touch.

They are two grandchildren, two sons, two brothers graduated in Marketing Management, who inherited a liking for the vineyard, via hereditary, and in 2010, did what was meant to be done, they created the brand Quinta do Pôpa. This was the moment when they definitely placed their feet on the Douro.

Since then, they have been producing wines in the Douro slopes that maintain traditional techniques of winemaking, but they have also challenged some secular conservatism with new ways of looking at winemaking.

The name has nothing to do with the hair styles, other than it is named after both their grandfather, Francisco Ferreira, also known as Pôpa. Art and wine are the two things which move them; hence they have created synergies in producers, winemakers and artists to explore new works of the art of winemaking.

Though apparently similar, Vanessa and Stephane could not be any more diferent, which is what makes each wine they produce a negotiated, mature, discursive miracle.

(Warning to all those gullible: PôPa’s grandchildren are not inoculable, they make wild fermentations.)

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